Sue Dawe

Although Sue Dawe is known for her fantasy airbrushed illustrations, she is not so well known for her writing career, which also began around the same time in the form of amateur publications (both illustration and writing) in a local Star Wars fanzine. In the late ‘80’s she became a regular contributor to Stickers & Stuff magazine for children, writing and illustrating articles and short stories about unicorns.

In addition to teaching painting at Miramar Community College, and multiple media to high school/portfolio students at a private art school, Sue continues to illustrate and do graphic design for various clients, although her work tends toward more adult themes these days.

Sue resides in the backcountry of San Diego County with her husband, border collies, horses and an old cat, in a house that looks like it came right out of a fantasy novel (yes, it really does have a pointy-roofed tower). She enjoys hiking, riding, and camping in the Sierra’s with her husband and various in-laws, nieces and nephews.